Kevin B. Leigh

Father of 3

Husband of 30 Years




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Kevin B. Leigh

Father of 3

Husband of 30 Years




[about_text]Husband and Dad of three boys. Founder of Dealer Simplified, Auction Simplified, and Savvy Brain.  Conference Speaker, Author, Blogger, and Automotive Consultant. more…[/about_text] [section_caption title=”the details”]


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Prayers to the Holy Spirit 52 powerful prayers; some ancient, some never before in print. Each is intended to help you find a unique perspective on your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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Automotive Wholesale Simplified: How to Profit from Wholesale and Not Feel Guilty About It

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Gollup the WoodsAs our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets thirteen-year-old twins Josie and Seamus journeying to Glendalough Ireland, but they find more than their roots

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Director of Sales

Traxero North America

The most innovative towing roadside service and impound software solutions. [/history_unit] [history_unit date=”2014″]

Founder and VP

Auction Simplified

Auto Auction Software, for Independent Auto Auctions, Franchise Dealers, Towing Companies, Repo Companies, private label, and police impounds [/history_unit] [history_unit date=”1998″]


West Herr Automotive Group

Helped the company reach 48,000 cars per year and become the 10th largest privately held dealer group.

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Maroone Ford, Buffalo

Director of Finance

Had the pleasure of working with Al Maroone and his son Mike Maroone, before they became AutoNation. I like to call it my real alma mater .

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Regional Sales Manager

Berkshire Hathaway

I had a ball, selling door to door. At the time, World Book was the best in the business

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Morning Affirmations

Kevin Leigh

If I plan my day, set goals and plan my family’s future, I achieve my vision. The more I focus on success, the more I find happiness. The more I recognize the gifts God has given to me at birth, the more I find that I already have everything I need to be a success.”[/history_unit]

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Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

What I learned: “Look for the things you want, and they will present themselves.”, “Keep a positive mental attitude.” and “Create a personal mission and read it every day.”[/history_unit]

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Get Things Done GTD

David Allan

What I learned: “If you can do a to-do in 2 minutes or less just do it, don’t write it down.”, “Make a to-done list with next actions instead of what ifs.”[/history_unit]

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Respond Positively

Joe Verde

What I learned: “If you respond positively to objections you mitigate their negativity.”, “What could you become if you tried to improve every day.”[/history_unit]

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100% Rule

Grant Cardone

What I learned: “a little + a little + a little = a lot”, “Commit 100% to your tasks and you will achieve 100% more results than your competition.”[/history_unit]

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Niagara University

What I learned: Respect is not taught in college, it’s earned on the street and in the office.[/history_unit]

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To Sell is Human

Cheerful Motors, My Dad’s used car lot.

My dad taught me “why lie when the truth will do”, “Respect everyone because you never know who you are talking to.”, “see things from their perspective”

[/history_unit] [/history_group] [section_caption title=”Favorite Quotes”] [testimonial_group] [testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”John Bunyan Quote Loved By Kevin Leigh” name=”John Bunyan” position=”Author.”]You have not lived today until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.[/testimonial] [testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Virginia Woolf Quote Loved By Kevin Leigh” name=”Virginia Woolf” position=”Writer”]One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.[/testimonial] [testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Anthony Robins Quote loved by Kevin Leigh” name=”Anthony Robins” position=”Author/Public Speaker”]No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying..[/testimonial] [/testimonial_group]